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What is the Working of Provably Fair Technology

You may have often come up with the term ‘provably fair gambling’. However, the point to ponder upon would be whether you were aware about the technology. As the name suggests, provably fair means the bitcoin games have been transparent and fair in their dealings. Let us delve further into it.

Online gambling operators encouraging provably fair gambling would be using open algorithms. It would be in the form of hashing, random number generators or random seed generation for verifying every transaction that would take place on the website. Every transaction or game has its own algorithm for checking its specific fairness. The blockchain platforms have been completely transparent. Pay outs and purchases are open to all on public ledger. You should rest assured that it cannot be tampered with. However, a program code would be overseeing the entire process. It would be without any kind of human interference. The specifics of how the system would work have been relatively interesting.

Working of provability aspect

The provably fair system app would vary from one game to another. However, the principle has been same for all single player games. Multiplayer games such as poker have been slightly more complicated as compared to other available casino gaming options. The system would be using cryptographic hash that has been deemed unbreakable practically. It would ensure that information sent to player and casino has been unknown.

It functions in the following manner:

  • casino to create a seen number for the bet
  • seed number is hashed and sent to the player
  • player to add a seed and the bet would be placed
  • player to receive the used seed in the bet at the end of the bet
  • in case of match, bet is verified

There would be no interference occurred in the Ethereum Games.

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