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What Are Various Types Of Sanitary Valves And Their Benefits

Sanitary valves are generally needed for sterile or clean processing purposes. Certain industries that need clean and sterile processing are food, dairy, medical, pharmaceutical and few chemical industries. The basic purpose of using such sanitary valves is to provide polished contact surface and crevice-free cleaning and thus it becomes easy to clean and inspect such valves.

Various types

Following are few different sanitary valves are available for different applications:

  • Ball
  • Plug
  • Needle
  • Butterfly
  • Knife or gate
  • Diaphragm
  • Pinch
  • Globe

Butterfly sanitary valves can be quickly opened and it consists of a circular disc or vane of metal. It pivots at the angle of 90ᵒ to the flow direction in the pipe and when it is rotated on the shaft it seals against the valve body’s seats. Usually this kind of valves are typically used as throttling valve in order to control the flow.

Ball valves in contrast are meant for providing characteristic control and tight shut-off, which is ideal for brewing of beer or any other highly pressurized uses. Due to design of its regulating element, ball valves have very high rangeability. It will not face any side load complication that is generally experienced with butterfly or globe type of valves.

What are the benefits?

Advantages of such sanitary valves are very clear irrespective of the type of industries where they are used.

  1. Sanitary valves are crevice-free

If you are involved in any medical or food industry then you will understand the significance of this advantage as crevice is related with higher levels of contamination and germs.

For example, if you go for surgery or visit a restaurant, you prefer every item to be as clean as possible otherwise you are afraid that you may either fall sick or get hurt. Similarly, if you have sanitary valve, which is crevice- free then you will not be concerned with any kind of hygiene problem.

  1. Easier to clean

In dairy or food industry, health and hygiene is very important. The employees working in these facilities are more involved in maintaining various process with an aim to offer quality products.

So, they will never prefer any parts that is difficult to clean or they have to waste too much time in maintaining its cleanliness. Sanitary valves do not get stained and hence are preferable for such environment.

  1. Smooth and polished surface

Due to its smooth surface it will not get stained or rusted. Therefore preferable for pharmaceutical, dairy or food industries.

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