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Look Into Liver Disease Diagnosis with Specific Tests and Proper Treatment

A liver problem can be minor or severe depending upon its condition. If the disease is treated at initial stage and the treatment is continued until required then certain problems can be managed. Liver has an important function of preparing protein. This blood protein helps in transporting oxygen to heart and all over the body.

Dysfunction of liver can create liver disease. When this problem becomes severe then the only option left is liver transplant. However, not every human body accepts liver transplant. That is why a liver specialist first tries to treat any cause with medication, some modifications in lifestyle, changing eating habits, stopping alcohol and helping in losing weight.

Here are few reasons why liver disease begins in a person –

  • Fatty liver is the biggest problem of liver disease which happens due to too much intake of junk food, bad eating habits, no physical exercise and obesity. When food that is rich in oil and sugar turns into bad cholesterol and fat they start accumulating in liver and heart, which further creates trouble.
  • Excessive intake of alcohol is another reason for liver problems. Not all organs react in the same manner when they come in contact with alcohol, liver is one such organ that can reverse the effects and create trouble.
  • Hepatitis B and C are diseases related to liver. Although they are cured with medicines but, sometimes these drugs make your liver weak and different kinds of diseases start troubling you as your immunity becomes weak.
  • Cirrhosis is a slow disease that accumulates scar tissues and prevents your liver from functioning properly. When too much of scar tissues are accumulated on liver then it blocks blood flow.

Such problems can lead to minor to major liver problems, which can also include liver cancer.

If your doctor doubts you with liver problem then he or she will ask you to undergo some tests like –

  • Blood test to diagnose any liver disease.
  • To check any damage in liver they will ask you to get Ultrasound, MRI and CT scan.
  • Sometimes, when they feel that the damage is severe, then they take out liver tissue for biopsy. Biopsy is also done to check the possibility of cancer.

If any of the reports are positive you will be suggested a doctor who’s specialized in liver problems. Get all your problems written in a piece of paper. Carry all your previous documents so that you don’t have to undergo the same tests again. Never visit a doctor alone, sometimes you aren’t ready to face things alone.

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