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J P Hobbs Inc. Brings The Best Solar Screens For Austin Homes!

Texas homeowners often complain about increasing energy bills, but when the sun is at its peak, there’s no choice but to run air-conditioning systems to the full potential. However, with solar screens, you can actually reduce energy bills and improve the efficiency of your HVAC systems. Josh & Paula Hobbs, also known to many as J P Hobbs Inc., is one of the best companies for Austin window screens, and they offer solutions that match the needs of your home. In this post, we will talk about the company and their amazing services.

Why get window screens from J P Hobbs Inc.?

J P Hobbs Inc. manufacturers solar screens, keeping the diverse needs of people and Texas weather in mind. Their superb installation practices have been praised by both commercial and residential clients. They have two choices for solar screen fabric – 80% and 90%, and if you are unsure of what may work best for your home, they can send in their experts for suggestions and taking the measurements. The Gauge Industrial Grade Aluminum Framing used for the solar screens is the best you can find in the market.  Additionally, they only use die cast metal clips for mounting the screens to the windows.  Besides regular window covers, you can also get screen porch shades, which can turn your porches and patios into a nice segment that’s not exposed to sunlight in the afternoon.

The ideal choice for solar screens

If you talk to the experts of J P Hobbs Inc. for options, they will tell you that windows that are exposed to direct sun for more than 4 hours each day should get a 90% screen. The difference between 80% and 90% is minimal, so it also depends on what you want for your home and the budget. The company is known for its incredible estimate calculator, which you can find on their website. The cost you get from the calculator includes the cost of measurement, manufacturing, installation and applicable sales tax. 90% screens are more expensive and create a nice and dark atmosphere indoors when the weather is scorching.

Lowest prices guaranteed

No matter whether you are looking for solar screens or Austin patio screens, J P Hobbs Inc offers the lowest pricing in the region, but without any compromises on the quality. What makes them a true leader is the kind of products and expertise they offer. Everything is customized and they don’t oversell their products. For example, when it comes to patio screens, they recommend the manual roll-up shades instead of the motorized ones for homeowners, simply because the maintenance and repair costs are lower. Call their team and get an idea of how you can reduce Texas sun from entering the house. If you order patio shades and window screens together, you can match the fabrics to perfection, besides getting an additional discount. They also have coupon codes on their website for additional discount.

For more details, check the website of J P Hobbs Inc. now.

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