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How to stream NCAA College Football on WatchESPN

Utah might have shown BYU a clean pair of heels yesterday, but that is nothing compared to how MS State ran out clear winners over Mississippi.

Perhaps more impressive a record is what Clemson and Alabama are showing, each recording 12 winning streaks to its name.

With about 2 weeks left, you should not miss out on any game. To make sure of that, we have come up with this piece to solve possible viewing problems that might be threatening your college football viewing/ streaming experience.

Possible Problems

There are a couple of things that could mar your college football viewing experience – or lack thereof. Some of the common occurrences are:

  • High costs of cable connection: Cable TV is not cheap, and it does not look to be going there anytime soon. The way most of these games have been structured though, you would need to have a cable connection if you are to enjoy them at all. That leads to high cable TV running costs every year just to get access to these games. While that inconvenience can be accommodated by some, others simply can’t.
  • Location: NCAA college football content is created in the US and distributed within the country only too. This type of geoblock around the content prevents US residents who are traveling to other countries from getting access. In the same vein, sports enthusiasts from other countries will also be left out of all the fun.
  • Blackouts and restrictions: If you have been viewing the games for a while, certain blackouts won’t be alien to you anymore. The sad thing is that they happen around big games – which is usually where all the fun has been building up to. Missing these games is surely not an acceptable compromise.

You can fix it

Yes, you can, and this is not one of those fleeting solutions.

We say fleeting because we know you must have also tried out other solutions on the internet with none working – satisfactorily or at all. That is why we have come up with the most reliable, efficient and straightforward way possible – using a VPN to access NCAA football streams.

What makes this a great choice is in the ability of VPNs to change the location of its user. That grants people viewing from outside the US access to the games when they connect to a server within the country. It also takes away the local restrictions that could be faced by US residents when they want to view blacked out games.

Finally, we recommend using a VPN because it doesn’t take much fussing around to set up. In fact, you could start streaming your games by simply:

  • Getting a suitable VPN provider and subscribing to a package/ plan
  • Connecting to a choice server located in the US
  • Buying a streaming plan on your preferred streaming platform (YouTube TV, SlingTV, PlayStation Vue, etc.) and
  • Accessing the games whenever they are happening, no holds barred!

Added benefits of using a VPN

Beyond making sure you get access to all the games, using a VPN also guarantees your online security. You won’t want to be exposed to possible traffic monitoring, data theft or sensitive data hijacking when you are busy enjoying your games.

Consuming all the college football content you can while keeping yourself safe on the web too, you can see why this is our recommended option.

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