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Few Benefits of Polyurethane Foam Injection Method for Concrete Lifting

Nowadays, most of the contractors prefer to use polyurethane foam injection method if your floor slab level has become uneven and you need to lift it. This method is much faster and efficient as compared to traditional way of concrete replacement.

What is this new method of concrete lifting which is also known as mudjacking, let us try to understand it briefly. In this method, in order to repair the damaged slabs, cement slurry is pumped through few holes drilled on the surface. This injection of slurry continues till the level of slab is increased and reaches to its initial position. After that the holes are filled. The repaired area is allowed to get dry for few hours and the whole concrete is ready for its normal use.

Let us now list out the benefits of this new method of repairing the concrete surface as discussed in the above paragraph.

  • Minimize the damage of the area

Since, no heavy equipment is necessary for this new repair process, no breaking or digging of the slab will be needed. Thus, your surrounding area will not be disturbed and also there is no risk of any damage in the yard. The contractor will bring their truck and will park it on the street nearby. All the drilling work that will be done on the slab or concrete surface will be far away from your lawn space or any other land scaping that you must have done in your premises. The pressure hose that will be carried through your lawn will not really damage your landscape.

  • Labor cost is significantly reduced

One of the major benefits of this method of concrete lifting is that there are no major works to be done except drilling holes and injecting the slurry or polyurethane foam by using pump. The traditional method required demolishing of existing slab and stabilizing the new slab and removing the debris which needed lots of labor cost.

  • Remote chance of any injury

This new method of concrete lifting is much simple and straightforward as here there is remote chance of any accident or injury. In contrast to the earlier method there were plenty of chances of injuries.

  • This method quickly improves ground support

As we discussed, in this method the slurry or polyurethane foam is injected through various holes which gets solidified under the slab within few hours. This becomes a solid support underground and your concrete surface become useable like before.

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