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Design Your Own Website Following the Right Direction

Websites are referred to as the building blocks. You may be tempted to make or design your own website and to go overboard live, this is common. Thankfully, it is not some rigid process. There are simple and straightforward processes that allow even a person with zero knowledge in coding to set one up and the happiest part is that the initial costs are really low.

All you need is to spare 5 minutes for each step and the best now recommended is WordPress to design a website.

  • The first step is to choose the platform of your choice that you want your site to be on.
  • Get a domain name for yourself so that you are found by people. Keep it relevant and catchy.
  • Set a website, choose a theme, consider customizing the design and keep a check that it should look awesome.

All said and done, the fact is that a website cannot succeed through a thought-provoking content or a compelling design. It certainly must have a style that offers the desired functionality and user experience to your website user. This ensures easy understanding at a glance.

Beauty lies in the viewers eyes is true and to design a beautiful website you must use the mouse-holder wisely. There is a need to understand that different styles are expected by different people. However, that does not mean you do not have any basic ground rules to follow as you wish to design your website appearance.

Here is a quick scroll through to take a lead in the right direction:

Keep your homepage clutter free

A common fact is people do not go through each and every word.  A normal practice is to scan pages quickly, picking the keywords. Thus, it is best to appeal to emotions than considering the word count. Ensure there are Calls to Action and without fail break the legible paragraphs and larger subheadings. You may use the icons or images also to communicate effectively and convey your point.

Keep in mind the visual hierarchy

Having the Smartphone’s and computer screens to display information, the designer’s job is to present the content clearly.   Precisely, anyone has to grab someone’s attention only in a few seconds and you have to give information about your site. It means a clear hierarchy is a must to get your information. Apply proper color, size, contrast, and spacing for accentuation. Draw attention such that your design makes your audience follow your breadcrumbs.

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