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Chinese can get US green card in 5 ways

In mid-April, BWCHINESE journalist Qiao Lei wrote about five ways for Chinese to obtain a US green card. He said that there are good and bad ways.

The first type, marry a US citizen

The author said that this is the fastest way to get a green card in the United States, especially for women, this way does not require women to have any qualifications and expertise, or even to be beautiful.

Second, apply for an H1B visa (Also known as h1b签证)

According to the author, in order to attract talents, the United States can find an employer and apply for an H1B visa for an international student to apply for a green card. Then, with an H-1B visa, you can apply for a green card. However, if the H-1B visa has not been successfully converted to a green card after the expiration of the H-1B visa, the H-1B will be invalid.

Third, get a green card as an O1 visa (O1签证) outstanding talent with a national interest exemptionThe author said that this green card is very difficult, but there are still many Chinese people successfully obtained. In the past ten years ago, celebrities in some entertainment fields in China have obtained the US green card in this way, but now there is a downward trend. Fourth, apply a L1 visa for a multinational companyAccording to the author, this is the L1 visa that is often said to be suitable for a truly powerful multinational company. If the company you run as a manager performs well and meets the requirements, you can apply for it as a distinguished manager. Immigrants, such immigrants do not need a labor permit and do not need to wait in line for visa priority date.  Fifth, investment immigrationAccording to the author, this investment is generally $1 million, and investments in poor areas can be $500,000. In addition to 1 million, you have to set up a new company or acquire a company. You must also hire 10 people who can legally work in the US, but not including you and your family. 

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